.60cal Hand Cannon Mishap

1 min 3 sec

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Captain butter fingers should have got himself a better grip before lighting this candle. It gets away from him to say the least.


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Newbies to hand cannons should really work their way up from smaller calibres before trying to shoot the big dawgs. i.e.: light-frame .357---.44 mag, ---.454 Casull--.500Linbaugh--.500mag, --then and only then the .60.
Someone should give this guy a .45-70 derringer for x-mas!
:-) or maybe a sawn-off 4-bore??
*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****


I'm 170# and i could hold that bitch. That lardass is a fagg!!!*p

I bet if it was food in his hand, it would not have slipped out.

Reproduction should be a privilege.
Shoulda hit him in the 'nads and done the human race a favor.
Isn't there a rule of gun safety that states: When firing a lightweight handgun chambered for the hugest badass big-game cartridge, always use a two-handed grip. Krazy-glue in palms optional but recommended.

God! remind me not to buy one of these!

Anybody out there know what type of pistol this was? I don't want one!

i've been to that range, its in Suger Grove ILL. my buddies dad knows that guy and says hes a real load mouth.

You'd think the big lard ass could hang on to the gun at least ..

Too bad it probably didn't knock any sense into him...

I read the story on this, the guy shoting was the loud mouth range hotshot, who was bugging the maker to let him fire it.

He eventually did, and this is the result hope capt cool broke something, besides the rad gun.

As an instructor, I just want to know......
Did he hit the target?

He did if the target was on his 5head :)

My favorite part is the cameraman egging him on... "YOU BIG PUSSY!" ... and then the gun flies out of his hand and punches him in the face.

There's no living that one down.

Did that gun blow apart? It seems he has the grip still in his hand.

This a Thompson Contender I think chambered for .600 Nitro Express, huge frickin' hunk of ammo.

Wow.... dumb rednecks and there gun mods... funny shit.

I dig the "Aim every shot" banner. Maybe "Don't throw guns" was simply implied?

what a dumbass he is!

I want him to join the Iraqui army..