Arab Cannon

16 sec

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This bean pole never had a chance of holding onto this monster. Maybe it slipped out of his hands because he wipes his ass with one of them.....just a thought :)


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Ya, I thought I saw some shit on his hand but maybe it was his lunch!!

Oh cmon! Post the whole thing!! That is a T-Rex and chances are you wouldnt be able to handle it either.

The actual video has guys of all races trying it and getting the same result.

Why show just the Indian guy and not the whole montage of dudes firing this gun? It was hilarious!

Also the ass joke is getting old.

And he should hold it loosely...

If that's the competition, how are we losing iraq?

good grief..i dont anyone that shoots that first time could handle it.

he isnt arabic, hes indian, and thats weapon is called the T-REX and it is basically an elephant gun. Only a few people know how to shoot a rifle like that.

incompetent dipshit

how is that rasicst? more than likely he does wipe w/his hand.

Holy crap could that description be more racist?

Just a joke, Lighten up...

Too bad he didn't hold the rifle in front of his face.