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From the World Health Organization:

The latest Murder Statistics for the world:
Murders per 100,000 citizens
Honduras 91.6
El Salvador 69.2
Cote d'lvoire 56.9
Jamaica 52.2
Venezuela 45.1
Belize 41.4
US Virgin Islands 39.2
Guatemala 38.5
Saint Kits and Nevis 38.2
Zambia 38.0
Uganda 36.3
Malawi 36.0
Lesotho 35.2
Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
Colombia 33.4


Be sure to take a moment today to remember where you were and what was lost on this day 11 years ago. Our country and our attitudes, our lives were changed forever. SplodeTV salutes all you first responders and patriots...Never Forget...

Farewell Major Richard “Dick” Winters

HERSHEY, Pa. — Maj. Richard “Dick” Winters, the man whose quiet leadership was chronicled in the book and television miniseries “Band of Brothers,” has died.

Winters died Jan. 2 in central Pennsylvania, a family friend confirmed Monday. Winters was 92.

Hogue Makes Toilets Seats?

Hogue Makes Toilets Seats?

Yes you heard right the company you have always trusted to help keep your favorite firearms under ...

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Marines Again Land on the Beaches of Iwo Jima

Take a moment today to remember the 6,821 American and 21,570 Japanese lives lost in 36 days of intense fighting 65 years ago. Hundreds of Marines and the few survivors now gather on the small island in the pacific to commemorate 65th anniversary of the battle so long ago.

Naked Chicks Shooting!

Naked Chicks Shooting!

Theres really no other description needed.......I can only imagine the hot brass burns...Thanks Hal!

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New Hogue Commercial - Behind the Scenes

New Hogue Commercial - Behind the Scenes

Check out Hogue's latest masterpiece! Great work guys...Why can't I have days at work like this? ...

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Steve Lee - I Like Guns

Steve Lee - I Like Guns

Its safe to say that Steve Lee likes guns......Thanks Bob!

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The Mythbusters Machine Gun a Tree

The Mythbusters Machine Gun a Tree

Can you cut down a tree with a machine gun? Shit yea, it just depends on how many bullets you ...

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THe USMC Silent Drill Platoon

THe USMC Silent Drill Platoon

Who doesnt love these guys? This video shows the platoon's 2007 performance at a Denver Nuggets ...

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