Bullet-Proof Glass Will Save Your Ass

21 sec

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A sniper tried to get one of ours and the bullet-proof window saved him. Once I changed my pants, I would have to write the window maker a thank you letter.


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lucky for him most of the snipers over there use svd's lol, and they up and run after one shot so they arent chased by a convoy of armour.
lucky lucky guy, i would take that sheet of glass home with me to tell stories :P

bugger that.
it would be one clean pair of heels id show that 'back and front'

Haha "That guy's dialed in"

Nooooo kidding. If I were them I'd be getting the fuck out of there before he puts another one through the same spot.

Dude You LUCKY Mother fucker, thats live action aswell I think another bullet would get though it though