Failed Suicide Bomber

57 sec

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US troops nuke this guy before he makes it to his destination. The undetonated suicide bomb is shown and cleared out afterward.


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This is actually a small piece of the whole video. What happened was that the bad guy tried to set his VBED off behind a convoy. For whatever reason there was only a small explosion that pinned the driver’s legs under the dashboard of the car. The Army sent in a robot that threw a small bomb under the car that’s designed to explode with just enough force enough to disrupt the VBED without actually setting off the main charge. In the video I saw they drove the robot up to the car and got good footage of the trapped terrorist. There wasn’t anything they could safely do for him except send him off to his 72 virgins. They later towed the car off the road and did a controlled det which can be seen at the end of this video. God bless the EOD guys!


thanks for spelling that out for him, guess some people need it.

wonder what they hit him with

Wow, anonymous people are idiots. You see him blown up twice because there are different camera angles. He was attacked by the Army BEFORE he could detonate his explosives. The booms you see are Army bombs or whatever. Then, at the end of the video, they blow up the explosives he was going to use.

yeah. so???? i dont get it did he blow himself up? no cuz we saw the bomb. so why the hell did he get blown up twice???