Failed Underground IED

41 sec

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Thank God this IED was buried a little too deep to harm our boys in green(well tan). The detonation just sent a lot of dirt and most of the road flying.


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And you thought hitting a deer sucks!
Thank God God was lookin' after our boys (&gals).
Can we plant one of those in Osama's chocolate starfish??

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Gents that's Route Hershey in Bayji. 3x 155mm arty rds....buried in one (of the two) culverts on that route.

Wasn't a mortar, a blast from above would have made your typical explosion going outwards, this obviously went up.

That.....was no mortar. That WAS buried in the road!!!!

if you slow it down it actually looks like a mortar round

fuck that lol, that would have no trouble ripping through a humvee. those guys are lucky as hell

Just drive round the bomb and take the next left,
the driving test has got a bit trickier!