This Girl Almost Kills Herself w/a 500 Magnum

29 sec

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Look how close she came to blowing her head off in the replay! They shouldn't have handed that cannon to her without preparing her for it.


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Looks like a pretty nice girl, and NO I'm not talking about the gun, teach her to shoot correctly.

It is a double action (I own one just like it) These do sometimes actually double fire from the gun moving forward in your hand as it comes out of recoil.

If she had been alloweed to recoil with the gun and not held by te guy behind her, and she'd used a Weaver with a better grip, she'd have been OK.
It is a revolver, the bullet was long gone before the barrel got back.


The S&W 500's are known for accidental double taps....

It took a little re watching but YEAH she did fire twice, you see a definite shot of smoke going over her head, she was very close.


The 500 S&W is a double action revovler NOT a single action.

Yeah, thats a big mistake... an easy broken nose. Oh yeah, and in response to the first comment... uhh yeah, the gun is called a Smith & Wesson 500 and the fucker is huge.

who makes a single action 500?
no one

single action my ass

you guys are dumb.. she wasnt close to killing herself.. know something about guns before you say shit

She double fired that weapon if you open your eyes and watch. That second shot could have easily struck her in the head had the gun angled back a little more.

you all know that she shot one that was just the smoke that came out if it was it would of flew out of her had and hit the ground

Whoever gave her that gun to shoot is a negligent asshole.

Yeah, Big kick! almost blowing her head off, not even close.
It's a single action pistol, it would have to be recocked. Recoil was a bit much for her, but the worst the could have done is smack herself with it.

She fires twice...

she locked elbows!!!

To the dumbass who made her shoot that what a BIG ASSHOLE! You could have killed her!

Whoever gave her that gun to shoot is a negligent asshole.