Grenade Launcher Target Practice

16 sec

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The MK19 is a belt fed grenade launcher. This thing will make any advancing troops think twice.


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Nice where can i ge one for deer hunting?

The Mark 19 Model 3 (Mk.19 mod.3) automatic grenade launcher is air cooled, belt fed, blowback operated machine gun. It fires from open bolt and uses advanced primer ignition principle to decrease peak recoil. To provide minimum of parts and maximum reliability of feeding, Mk.19 uses two-stage feed, when each round is first withdrawn rearwards from the belt on the opening stroke of the belt and then placed into T-slot cut in the bolt face; on the closing stroke, the round is already properly positioned on the bolt and is feed straight to the chamber; empty cartridge cases are ejected to the bottom as they are pushed down from the T-slot by the next cartridge