Krakatoa Will Pompeii Your Ass

8 min 49 sec

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This little nasty is a compact directional charge that will pierce armor. Pack this guy with some plastic explosive and watch out. It's so powerful they had to use Chuck Norris as a back stop to contain the blast.


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It's great how Future Weapons always presents all of this stuff as a new and amazingly powerful piece of technology, when, in reality, very little of it is new. The Japanese in WWII had something nearly identical to this, though the name escapes me at the moment, but it was mounted on the end of a stick to be used against tanks. The soldier charges a tank and presses it against the side, setting it off. The soldier probably dies, but such was the folly of their "ten men for one tank" idea. The French resistance, I believe, came up with another charge just like this. By using a string and gasoline to heat up a line around a wine bottle, it could be rapidly cooled, and subsequently broken on that line by dunking in water. When filled with explosives, and with standoffs, it could be placed on tanks would disable them when detonated.


"oh dear...we cant find the steel plate" yeah sure

This is not a new invension this principle has been used in EFP's for years. These rudimentary devises have recked havoc on forces in Afghanaistan, Iraq, Lebanon and many of the war zones facing counter insurgency problems.

One can look up all this shaped charge stuff elsewhere; and keep in mind that only one insurgent needs to make just one, and they will be copied by all of them, unless it's too hard to make.

Discovery channel makes the show, but I'm the bad guy, nice. If the enemy has this much plastic explosive just laying around to play with then we are already in trouble. Keep your heads down out there at camp Liberty.

thanks for letting all the bad guys in the world know how to make this explosive that didnt before..oh yeah just so u know its called an EFP and it does kill a lot of thank u from a soldier in Iraq