Massive House Explosion

7 min 44 sec

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This explosion is surprising, especially to the fireman who lights it. There is a slow motion reply at the end.


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I hope those guys were ok.
Maybe it's a new firefighting technique: A pile or rubble does not burn nearly as well as a well-ventilated structure. In the end there was just a lot of smoke but no raging fire
But damn......

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That was not dynamite. That was a flare. What probably happened was that they used Gas as an excerlent to torch the structure for a prectice fire. They waited to long and the fumes gathered and settled. When the firman tossed the flare into the gas, the concentrated vapors ignited resulting in an unexpected explosion. I just hope that the two firefighters were ok. Whoever was in charge of that fiasco is probably unemployed now.

Hazardous vapors test.... no dynamite. This is what can happen when a leaky gas line ignites inside a structure.

That wass some sort of flare, not dynamite.

I don't that was dynamite. Anyway, if you pause the video right when the explosion happens, there's a flame front that suggests the house was doused with gasoline and then let sit. Result? Vapors built up and settled everywhere.

wow, I like how captain safety lights the fuse and then walks over casualy like he,s holding a cigar , no way that single stick of dynomite did that, might need to shut down any gas leaks next time