Never Forget The Loved and Lost

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A tribute to those lost in the 9/11/01 attack on our country. We ask that you all take a moment today to remember and say a prayer for those that lost their lives that day and for their families. We will never forget you!


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Why are you spineless worms even here? To see what its like too be a REAL man with REAL balls? BUSH did this...?? Go stick your head in the sand along with Obama and the rest of the American Hating Extreme Liberal & Criminal Leftist Appeasers !! You people will never stop with your constant attacks on anything and everything that is good and decent about this Proud & Free Country!! Are we supposed to lay down and take constant attacks on our very lives and property?? Is it Sooo Important for you to please the socialist Your-A-Pee-On's like the cowardly French , that you would sell out and degrade your own country? I am truely ashamed to have you as fellow citizen's of this Great and Nobel Country. This isnt about red & blue divides , it's about sticking ones head high & saying " I will not stand by while innocents around the world are slaughtered in the name of Allah !!" I guess thats an Ideal that you malcontents will NEVER understand. Your the same kids that ran under your mommy's skirts when the school bully punched you in the nose!! STAND UP & BE MEN . YOU SNIVELING SHIT"S!!

This is do to tolerration and under standing. Because this country is triing to be the answer to the worlds problems and fixing our own problems first. Im a Marine vet and feel its ok to hate the world and look after your own and fuck the rest of the world and there will never be peace in this world unless this goverment lets us kill everyone of our enemies once and for all, but as allways it will only half ass it and my Marines will continue to fucking die for a ungratefull and forgetfull nation and its goverment. We should never forget what they did to us and make them pay fot it!!!

its true bush has done this

Nameless Sploder | Sun, 09/30/2007 - 21:55
go kill your self

Go to hell you piece of shit. Show some fucking respect.

go to hell

too bad your own country staged the whole thing...