Nuclear Torpedo

49 sec

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An anti submarine tactical nuclear torpedo in action. I wonder how many fish this thing killed...


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if the Scorpion was sunk in 1968,and the torpedoes it carried were low yield,would the area it sank in still be radioactive ?

anybody else concerned they got Mayor West from Family Guy to do the voice over ?

The w-34 warhead on the MK-45 torpedo has a 11 kiloton yield. All navy fast attack and missle subs carried two of these weapons. They were primarily a anti-submarine weapon for use against fast deep diving soviet subs. In an effort to remove nuclear warheads from our torpedo arsenal, the mk-48 torpedo proved that with its high speed we no longer needed a kill range of 8000 feet. The mk-45 only needed to get close to the opposing sub. Just about a mile and a half. The mk-45 was wire guided and had a range of ten to twelve miles.

you see an underwater nuclear explosion and a video of a nuclear torpedo. Could be related, but probably isn't.

that's totally adam west. guess he got hungry and needed cash.

"Raven's packing a torpedo warhead that he boosted from an old Soviet nuke sub. It was a torpedo that was designed to take out a carrier battle group with one shot. A nuclear torpedo. You know that funny-looking sidecar that Raven has on his Harley? Well, it's a hydrogen bomb, man. Armed and ready. The trigger's hooked p to EEG trodes embedded in his skull. If Raven dies, the bomb goes off. So when Raven comes into town, we do everything in our power to make the man feel welcome."
--Squeaky, 'Snow Crash' by Neil Stephenson.

Tell me I'm not the only one that thought of Raven.

the video this was taken from is one long, dramatic "No Nukes!" video for those poor hippies running out of things to protest. Woulda been awesome if they'd lose the narration and just let us watch shit blow up.

The ASTOR disastor...................................This thing was for REAL. Is anyone wondering how close you would have to be to the other boat to use one of these babies? Well it wasn't far enough. Can you say nuke in your own back yard? FTG1(SS) USN

We don't need no stinking coral reef!

why would you have Adam West read this part? I am waiting for a family guy joke....... or a batman one I guess

Adam West!

insane'd they get the mayor of Quahog to be on their video?

it's totally adam west

Yeah it is LOL

you just cant take it serously can you!!

Is that Mayor Adam West? LOL