P90 Demonstration

2 min 31 sec

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Ultra sleek compact weapon. Please send any extra P90's that are no longer wanted directly to SplodeTV for storage :)


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It's a total piece of shit, to be honest.

The bolt is nearly identical to the M3 grease gun semi-conversion, more so than your average open-bolt gun converted semi-auto. It fires a round which is hardly more powerful than a .22WMR. And there's no way to reload that as fast as a normal rifle or sub-machine gun. You can't do it when it shouldered, you have to drop it down, press a release pad to get the magazine loose, then lift it and pull back, don't drop it, since they're expensive and plastic! Now grab a new mag, slide it in, press it down, and then you've still got to chamber a round, since there's not BHO. Now, for a short 9mm AR, which is hardly larger than an MP5K with a folding stock, and a pistol upper can transform into something still better at this role than the P90, you press the mag release button to drop that aluminum or plastic mag, grab another, stick it in, and press the release button. Takes all of two seconds, tops, for someone familiar with the weapon. That's still an eternity in a firefight, but certainly much better than the P90.

uh...its completely stupid looking

Dam dear won't get far this season..

I used to own one and I loved the damn thing. Since the round was such a small round it had almost no recoil and you could hit a man sized target at 300 yards easy with it. The standard sights are more than enough for this weapon since I think the tri-rail system is a crock of shit and puts your scope way the fuck to high up. Sold it because the bullets were to dammed expensive.

Guys, theres a civilian p90. I really want one.

They do not rule at CS they suck in CS.
In CS they are a spray fun gun that can't hit anything aimed at all, and reloads slower than most others.

In reality, they are a very accurate weapon and very quick to reload.

they rule at CS

Ive seen the old design up close and personal in lebanon, border guards and check point guards have them.
The old design looks better and its pritty good because you can see how many bullets you have left, that ammo case is see though, but its mainly for close combat.

Looks way to uncomfortable to weild. I would prefer something with a stock, something along the lines of the Tavor AR.

I /WANT ONE!!@@#11!!1

Bad is fun bitches!