Send Cigars to the Troops In Iraq!

Ok guys, heres is a great chance to do something for yourself and for the troops at the same time. Buy this 16 cigar sampler of top notch domestic brands and Thompson will send two bonus cigars to the troops in your honor. This is really a win win deal for you cigar lovers.

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I have attended Thompson's Cigar Artisan event for the last two years and let me tell you, they know how to put on a good show. My respect for them as a company has gone up yet another few notches when I saw this deal of theirs, and what they are sending to our guys out of their own pocket. The way I see it, you can't go wrong, I get 16 cigars, which I was going to buy anyway, and the troops get some too for FREE, gotta love it.

Kudos to Thompson Cigar for this deal and keep up the good work guys! I've got my first sampler on the way already. If even just one cigar that is sent over there because of me allows one of our finest even just a moments peace and distracts him or her from the fact that a mortar could land in their lap, then it is well worth it for me.

Get the troop cigar deal here

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I am SGT Jason Eittreim, I am also on my second tour here in Iraq. Both this deployment and the last, the most important thing a soldier needs is an escape. A chance to even for a little while get away from the environment around him. It doesn't matter if the soldier is sitting in an office the whole time, or outside the wire. War is hell and I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given us here.

SGT Jason Eittreim
B Co, DSTB, 1CD (G2X)
APO, AE 09344

My name is SGT Brian Caudle, and I am serving in iraq for the second time now, and was wondering how my unit could be put on a mailing list also. We have about 10 avid smokers that would appreciate a good smoke, probabally even twice a day, And do you know where we could pick up a humidor for a good price. any help would be great thank you. Here is our address
SGT Brian Caudle
C 2/4 FAR
Q West Base Complex
APO, AE 09351

I am serving in Iraq less than a 1/2 mile off of the Syrian border and we as well have a cigar club that meet every night ( wish we could meet 2x a day though). We have approximately 30 actual smokers and almost 20 converts. We were wondering if we could get some cigars sent to us as part of this program. Anything is welcome. Thanks in advance. the address here is

UNIT 42751
FPO AP 96426-2751

Thanks and god bless.

Staff Sargent,
I have passed along your request to Thompson and will post up and further correspondence. Thank you!

I am serving here in Baghdad Iraq and we have a Cigar Club that would meets every day at 10 ish and 1500 ish. We were wondering if we could get some cigars sent to us as part of this program. Anything is welcome. Thanks. the address here is:
Robert Copple
Building 5
APO/AE 09342

Thanks and god bless.

Below is the response I got from Thompson, keep your eye out for some stogies coming your way! Keep up the good work out there! We here at SplodeTV hope these cigars find you well and hope to see you stateside very soon!

"HI Robert,
Next time I send packages I will add you to my list, I just sent out 25 packages, but I have to replenish my stash before I send out some more. Probably in a couple of weeks. I have your APO so we are good to go.

I have sent in your request and address to Thompson in hopes that they will send some of those free cigars your way. Take care out there guys!

The troops have enough to worry about as it is to not have to worry about cancer. Take your lame spam somewhere else!

If you ever look in an issue of Cigar Aficionado you would see that a lot of soldiers enjoy a nice cigar from time to time. I thought it was a good deal, and why shouldn't the troops get some for free. Yes I am spamming my own site with deals that get the troops free shit, you betcha!