Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

The age for the draft is eighteen years old. Young men who are not old enough to drink are nonetheless privileged to fight and die for their country under arms on foreign soil. These same young men, who would be trusted to behave responsibly with incredible destructive power in another country, currently find themselves prohibited from exercising their Second Amendment right on some college campuses.

Does anyone else see the disconnect here?

Enter Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. This is a group of individuals, men and women, who feel that their constitutional right to bear arms is mandated by current social conditions. These people feel that restricting the legal right to carry (above the age of twenty-one) on college campuses jeopardizes both their personal safety and the safety of those around them. A quick read of their site (including their FAQ) convinces me that they are reasonable, sensible humans who are simply standing up to ensure that their constitutional rights are allowed in places of higher learning.

The arguments against this are many: College kids are irresponsible–they can’t manage money, so how can they manage a firearm? What happens when a student fails a test and they’re ‘packing heat?’ How many drunken break-ups will end in violence? There will be an increase in injury/fatality due to accidental discharge. Colleges are places of peace, not of violence. College security forces and on campus police can manage the populations more effectively…blah, blah, blah.

Bottom line: One responsible gun owner, carrying his weapon on his/her person or in his/her backpack, could have ended the Virgina Tech shootings. I will take the risk of all the above arguments (which can be mostly mitigated by training and examination) to save the life of one of those students who perished last spring. I will say this in closing: Those who have the temperament to purchase a weapon, endure the training, pass the examinations, and then remain vigilant for the times when they have to protect themselves and others are not the ones you need to worry about. Their attitude is one of responsibility. Worry about those who hide in the dark corners, obtain their weapons through under-handed means, and exhibit the signs of anti-social behavior. They’ll have weapons whether anyone else does or not. Ensuring that someone of proven responsibility has one as well is better than all the campus police forces in the world.

Written by our gun toting friend:
Peter Hodges

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First off there is no just need to register, in case there is a need in the future. I can see arguments on both sides and this is a very controversial idea. However, I still believe that it would actually work out. I wonder how many carry guns on the campus illegally? Yes, there could be unintended consequences, but aren't there always in almost any policy? Interesting argument though...I do believe, it would have to be a system that could work to keep depressed, prone to violence and antisocial students from obtaining the rights...Wow, great article

Allowing this to happen goes in the opposite direction the gun laws have been going. Even tho it makes since to me and many other gun owners I don't think it will be the norm nation wide.

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