AA-12 Auto Shotgun

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A drum fed auto shotgun in action. The last mag he fires must be magnums.


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Yeah, you're right about the 'sweeper.
The USAS-12 is awesome, it looks like an M-16 on (lots of) sterouds. I have an old issue of The Gun Digest Book of Assault weapons with a nice article/review about it.
We can thank the A(ss)TF for classifying even the semi-auto versions as class 3 weapons.
I saw an interview with Rudy Guiliani back in the day, where he rants: "I can assure you these weapons are not being used to sweep the streets of New York City of deer".... I'm not to sure about that, because I live in NYC and I can't remember the last time I saw a deer roaming the streets, so these weapons MUST be working! :p

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Am I the only one who finds it odd that Blackwater of all companies developed this gun?

all of those shells he loaded into those mags are not magnum rounds they looked like low brass, light target rounds.

a street sweeper can be found here http://world.guns.ru/shotgun/SH09-E.HTM

also that is a KICK ASS site, i recommend it

the shotgun shown is an Atchisson assault shotgun, model AA-12

thats not a street sweeper

that isn't a street sweeper. thats a new automatic shootgun being delevoped for are military for another variant that got killed thanks to bill clinton check out the USAS 12 .

Awesome! I am ready for rabbit season....

it also works well in a crowded area