Botched IED Removal

6 min 8 sec

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A crew of Iraqi volunteers were trying to dig out 155 round rigged to blow. These guys weren't really being gentle with this thing at all, trying to pry it out of the ground with the barrel of his AK47. They didn't respect the lethality of this bomb and they paid for it with their lives.


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Have a nice trip to heaven fellas, thanks for trying.
But sheeeiiit, were they trained or just goofy, newly-recruited kids?
I would think they tell the noobs that if you don't have EOD skills, just get a couple hundred yards back and shoot the thing, or detonate with a fused HE, or at least lob a grenade from cover.
Don't dig it out with your hands & your AK, all hunched over it!!!
If someone wants to be that ballsy/careless, I'm hiding behind a hill!
No disrespect to them though, they were just trying to help. But SOMEBODY please educate these poor fellas.
At least it was quick & painless, but DAMN!
Somebody get out an IED safety flyer quick!

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Those guys are GONE. NO WAY they survived that.

I bet those AKs still work!

These are the kinds of minds we're expecting to run their country? No wonder the place is a disaster! What a waste....

I am so sorry brave men lost their lives, I only wish I could have done something to help prevent the lost, May God be with them.
Shot Gun

being a former EOD special bomb tech I have to wonder who is advising these poor slobs on how to disarm a bomb?WHY RISK A DISARM IN THE DESERT?tgillusmc4

That's why us EOD's get the big bucks. Not a smart thing to attempt if you don't know your a$$ from a hole in the ground.

Theres got to be a better way. With all the tech we have and the money that is spent over there thats just wrong.