Dillon Minigun

2 min

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If this doesn't get you fired up then you might be dead!


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At 1:30 the "floating ball thing" is that flying thingy with the rotars and the door gunner guy

thats not a vulcan chain gun, its a dillon aero 7.62x51mm electric minigun

wtf was the floatingball type thing at 1:30 ? itsflys basicly flys down same paths as thebullets


Vulcans are NOT chain guns. They use an electric drive motor, NOT a chain drive. And this was a Minigun, not a Vulcan. Vulcan is the G.E. name for the 20 MM version.

" Fight fire with fire" exactly.

This rate of fire literally puts "METAL UP YER ASS"

What's amazing is that tracers are normally loaded every fifth round, so the stream of red that you see is only 1/5 of the rounds on target.