Hollow Point vs. Full Metal Jacket

2 min 8 sec

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Here's a nice little demonstration of the difference in your results when using hollow point and fmj ammo. All our "social" rounds are hollow points around here.


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Very interesting experiment. I must say that this was the subject of the discussion I had with someone I met on a Royal Caribbean cruise. At first I didn't want to believe the things he was saying, but now things are clear.

Actually hydrodynamic pressure only causes a slightly bigger permantent crush and tear cavity. Both bullets are useless unless a CNS(Central Nervous System)point. Hypovolemic shock takes awhile to kill someone from loss of blood volume. I have carried hollowpoint hydroshocks for years. Not anymore. Just a waste of money. Bullet placement ends also on impact. Bullets travel unpredicatble ways when they hit bone and different tissue densities so bullet placement is also wishy washy. Best thing...aim for a CNS shot; spinal cord, cranocular cavity(between eyes) or lower pelvic girdle and hope the bullet hits what your aiming at.

All info on actual bullet statistics can be found thru the National Institute of Justice FBI forensic pages.

So initially he says that the FMJ is designed to make a bigger hole, then he says the hollow point is designed to fragment. Later he states that the hollowpoint is designed to expand, i.e. he changes the story half way through. Also, what's with all the "officer on the streets" crap, citizens use them too, or was this produced in the UK?

yup, NO HP allowed in Canada, geay