Red Hot Saw

1 min 12 sec

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Well at least I think it's an M249 with the hand guards taken off but it could be something else. The video quality is not so good, making it tough to get a good look at it. Anyways these guys run a really long belt though it until the barrel is cherry red.


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This is definitely a minimi. The carry handle is wrong for the M240. I have both at work ... well I have the M249 SAW. The sound also is 5.56MM not 7.62MM. Either way .. that barrel is now junk! With that said it's still fun as hell to cut loose like that :-)

more like a 240B then a S.A.W

Looked like an M240G

Wow the Dutch have rednecks too - awesome.

it is a fn minimi used by the dutch army

that looks to be eather a m249 mimi or a m240 both got that beutiful belgian enginnering though

I think it might be a minimi, basically a the same weapon with a different forend, i know it was developed by FN I think specifically for the belgian army and now alot of countries use it. either way these guys know how to have fun.

the belt is about 5,5 meters long The wapon is no m60 and no m249, there not in use by the dutch army

probably a M60