Soldier "Fixes" His Printer With a Machinegun

1 min 17 sec

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This soldier's HP printer stopped working and they really came through for him, NOT! He introduces his little friend (his m240) to Mr. printer. Way to go on helping out our troops over there HP...


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With his aim he needs more than a printer to help to do his job! HP should send him a seeing eye dog.

That made it even worse!

We didn't fight for americas freedom in WW2 either, we supporting communism in europe and asia, we cut off the nips oil in their war on china and they bit us in the ass. The same pres that destroyed our freedom and our sovereignty by taking gold from the citizens and replacing it with worthless fiat currency printed on demand by the privately owned federal reserve bank is the one that supplied weapons and material to the commies and told france and britain that the US would back them If they declared war on germany. Which they did.

Hmm, funny video. But how the hell is fighting in Iraq protecting anyone's freedom? Even if you manage to bag a few terrorists, they were hardly likely to take over the US and enslave everyone.
The last war fought for US freedom was World War 2

I love it!!!
Maybe next time they will help him out. No Charge.


corrected, thx for pointing out that typo.

Good thing I've already completely given up on all things HP, else I'd have to give up on all things HP now.