A Tribute To The AR15

5 min 4 sec

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It's a good compilation of evil black rifle pr0n. Better than real pron, well at least for gun people anyways


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Well done, we all love the evil black rifle

thats a m4 compilation

Look again closely, almost every rifle is semi...

I agree--A great song, and is my weapon of choice for any reasons...Good job on the video..Great photo shoot at 3:03.

What a great American Tribute to any soldier that depends on the AR15 in the field to protect them and fellow soldiers. I have several myself, also what a great song by Poker Face.

I would like to see in this tribute so hits on some muslim in my war and some gooks in my dads war. There is more to a rifle than assesories, its hits that count and thats all that matters. I still like the tribute though, the song seads it all and I do love that weapon.

This video looks like a bunch of geardos arguing over who has the largest amount of gimmicks on their AR15.

I'm disappointed, there seems to be next to 0 focus on the rifle itself.