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Just when I thought that I had seen it all, here comes this moron. First it just looks like a cool machine gun video, and these guys have some nice ones at hand. I wanted to cry when he throws the Krinkov into a mud puddle. Then he fires it WHILE it's still submerged in the puddle. Then as if that wasn't dangerous enough I couldn't believe my eyes as he completes the stupidest move I have ever seen! After firing in the puddle, he wasn't able to cycle the action, so what does he do? He puts the butt of the rifle on the ground and "kick starts" the charging handle WHILE THE GUN IS POINTED RIGHT AT HIS HEAD! If he caught a slam fire he would be missing more brain than he obviously already is.


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Idiots with money

It's tragic so see such a wonderful firearm being treated so stupidly. To think in MY country they won't let me own a bloody ruger 10/22 anymore, then I come here and see this kind of dangerous stupidity.

Carlos should have his Class III taken away for that stupid move. Fin moron. And who ever said you couldn't do that with an AR your retarded too theres plenty of footage doing it and worse.

Those of you that despise guns (and their users) should go somewhere else!
You're damned annoying.

still a testiment to ak's though

The AK kicker's name is Carlos and he's a Class III dealer in Oregon. This video is his moment in the sun.

Where do MORONS likes this get Auto weaons anyway.?

yeah!! try that with an A.RRRRR. SHITTEEN!!!!!!

I don't know. Pretty cool video. Bit of a show off. But hey..who wouldn't

Just plain stupid people - period. No wonder the Liberaltards want to ban guns...

Well the AK-47 and it's derivatives were built from the ground up for that abuse. Kick starting it may have been dumb but I don't see why dropping it into the puddle is so bad.

At least he doesn't try those shenanigans with the M4 or UMP.

These are the kinda guys who couldn't make it in the military because they didn't get higher than a 80 on a IQ test.

good song but these people thought they were tony "say hello to my little friend"