Drunk Girl Launches Rocket From Her Ass

1 min 24 sec

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This girl tries to launch a bottle rocket from her ass, and gets a toasty taint.


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pain == clenching

clenching == a lot more pain

Not the first of this I've seen, first female stupid enough to do it tho.

Thats some funny shit man

hahahahahah - thats brilliant

That shit was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahahhaa LOVE IT >


Effective 7-4-08 a new label will be required to be attached to all bottle rockets.

"Warning launching fireworks from your butt crack can be hazardous to your health. Upon ignition, your butt cheeks will involuntarily clench thus preventing the rocket from escaping before inflicting severe burns."


Stuped Dumb ass! Why make reasons to let guys trat you with no respect?

dumb bitch

Was that really her parents who made that post earlier? lmfao!

If you looked up "Dumbass" in the dictionary, that's what the definition would be...pun totally intended!

That shit was funny . . . !

Minor burns. A spark broke the skin in a few places and I have two really small scars. This one looked a bit worse tho.

gotta love that sound as it goes off.

nice ass

She wont be having anal sex for a loooong time...

I'd love to fire my rocket in to her ass...


Why do we never see the aftermath of clips like these? Thats the interesting part. Maybe it'd keep some other poor drunken foolish person from getting severe burns.

i wanted to see some aftermath....

what chode would burn up that sweet ass?

Yes, we are the proud parents of that particular angel. We are glad that out college money is going to good use. We had no idea she was so interested in being a Rocket Engineer. We will be forwarding this onto Nasa.
Mum and Pop

I bet HER parents are really proud!