Hot Women With Smoking Barrels

5 min 44 sec

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I don't care what anyone says, the guys running this gun range have the greatest job in the world. Hot half naked bikini women, and more machine guns then you can shake a stick at.


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вот они хуярят)))


пиздатое видео

Hot girls and cool guns.

love it.

What's wong with girls with guns I say hell hey.


2:35 it takes a pretty bad shot to miss with a ump 45 from that range...

sweeeeeet.... wouldnt mind going to combat having me a squad of this good looking, ass kicking females!! Girls and Guns, thats all I want...

If most are Blonds Spolder someone forgot to dye their roots for them. Smokin hot babydolls everyone. Gives a whole new meaning to a boot giving his weapon a female name! OU-RA!

God Bless America, and God bless Girls and Guns

My pants are getting tighter !! best gun n girl video ever ! we need more...


sex hot women video

cool shit

Hey rednecks the UK here. I can't tell if I love the USA or hate it anymore.

On one hand this is sexist, wrong, and just plain stupid. (plus I hate blondes)

But on the other It's got some awesome guns and there almost all attractive so...

Its very good this picture

I've got to get to the range more often.

Shakin it here boss!

When you absoltely...positively...have to take out every mo fo in the house, call the red head with the AK47.

lol some of the bitches barely can even hold the guns -,-


if you are aroused by sexual imagery involving guns, you are probably a homosexual, sorry about that

I think that you've got it twisted pal, If you DON'T get aroused, then your the round mouth.

"the guys running this gun range have the greatest job in the world"

Really? Judging by the way they wave those guns around it's probably one of the most dangerous jobs going! Would be worth the risk though :D.

should have dressed the dummy's like the taliban scum.

its rambo with tits and a wig

I bet they get lots of hot brass down their bikinis...

Y si sabes leer español por que no me lo dices en español.

Even the dumby target got his woody blown off!!