Drunk Girl Launches Rocket From Her Ass

1 min 24 sec

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This girl tries to launch a bottle rocket from her ass, and gets a toasty taint.


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I wanna see her fried 'taint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

he he allright gigity gigity

How appropriate that the 9/11 video is next to a video of a bimbo launching a bottle rocket out her ass! Wake up, fuckers, and get your firearms ready. 9-11 and so-called "terrorism" is an excuse for the NWO gestapo to jack our country and hold our citizens hostage. You paramilitary motherfuckers better check which way the wind blows. The terrorism in this age is our own federal government, implementing FEMA disaster drills, buying up state's rights with federal money and privatizing our asses. The next time you get herded into a "lockdown" and can't go freely about your business because of some supposed "emergency" think about the fact that this country was founded by men who refused to be sheep, not yahoos who were brainwashed by too much TV and a word called terrorism. The thugs of the New World Order need an ISM to keep us in line. Before that it was Communism. When that didn't hold any more water they came up with terrorism. The only ISM we have to fear is dumbassISM. Wake up, misguided patriots! It's your GOVERNMENT who's sellin' your ass downriver while you're busy suckin' up the propaganda and "entertainment". Trust me, there's always gonna be another dipshit shooting ass rockets.

Poor Girl

to bad you didn't fart just before the pain,you might of put the flame out!

dumb fucking bitch what did you think was gonna happen

Who is this girl??? I love her.
Not only was that a dangerous stunt, but it was funny ass hell.
What else can she do????


that will neat

not a smart ass

Stupidity should be painful.

looks like some Bimbo Sarah Palin would try if she thought it would get her a few votes

did she not see the vid where the guys ass got 3rd degree burns? Ahhhhduhhhh!!!!!

Fucking assholes play with the bitch's asshole.

I like the muscle that cuts her shit

Whatever happened to the youth of today? and these kids are eventually gonna run our country? Is there a God?

Dumbasses all around!
What retarded "friends" to encourage that.

Happy 4th!!! HAHAHAHA



God damn Americans are fuckin' dumb

I want to marry this woman

geez that girls ass is tight and sexy!!!

*sniff*I love this country.

Hell, atleast lick the damn stick after first trying to set it !


Those dimples are awesome.

Nice Poo Palace. Next time, she needs to launch it from her beaver. But the dorks filming it need to shave her on camera first then wedge the rocket stick inside her ultimate taco.

I would luv to fire my rocket up her ass!

very funny to see a drunk girl do shit like that