Iraqi Rush Hour

3 min 38 sec

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Don't you just wish that you could get away with this here once and a while? All the other drivers seem to speak the universal language of bumper and get the hell out of their way.


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I think it's an APC not a Humvee, do you hear the engine? It's a turbine, not a piston engine.
To all you ignorami calling these guys assholes: if you're ever not too chickenshit to go fight in a war you'd understand why it's imperative not to stop moving. If you've never been shot or held your best friend's guts in with your bare hands and looked into his eyes while the life leaked out of him you don't have the right to say shit about a little bumper cars.
And notice they did NOT plow down pedestrians or even street signs, so stick your Playstation comment, Mr. "I cant spell". (And follow it up with a 7.62x39 and do the gene pool a favor.)
Most people pull over when there's a fire truck or ambulance behind them, so if one cannot afford military vehicles the same courtesy they deserve a little bump to get the point across.
Go to a VA hospital and ask awounded soldier what happens when a vehicle full of people gets hit with an RPG and you'll understand why these guys weren't about to sit in traffic .
And just for the record, I'm no war monger, hate the Bush administration and am against the bullshit lies/reasons we invaded Iraq. The war should have been focused on Afghanistan where Osama, et. al. were based. But this doesn't mean I don't support our troops wherever they are, they don't have a choice of where they get sent or why, they just do their job and try to come home in one piece, so you hippies can shut the fuck up about a little bumpercars. If your life is ever in danger you'll see how much you give a shit about denting someone's hoopdie.

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

i miss this i hope i can get my 3rd tour in soon!

They were total assholes.

wonder if they hit the tractor

Someone has a bad case of the road rage.

to bad their not using the .50 on the pintel. if uve seen the last rambo ull know why! kill em all let allah sort em out.

Go fuck yourself.

to bad their not using the .50 on the pintel. if uve seen the last rambo ull know why! kill em all let allah sort em out.

its hummer not hammer hahahaha n00b and u spelled himan wrong and the guy below me is right about rpgs

Im an Iraqi and I have nothing against what theyre doing. Iv been watching all those insurgent videos and I can see why american soldiers are acting they way they are. I wouldnt give 2 shits about other peoples bumpers if I was in their shoes. Its simple, if your caught stopped especially in rush hour, its rpg time. I say fuck that they need to keep doing what theyre doing untill all those dumbass insurgents stop which i doubt that they will lol.

From their Hammar they are still playing playstation games, all the humains in front of them are just animals and things ... they only realise when a bomber come and explode his face and his friends on their hammars, then they start crying and asking for their mama. and we start hearing how much the "terrorists" are dangerous !!!

Studpid attitude from stupid army -- this is the democracy they are trying to teach other countries.

After reading your grammar I don't think that you can call any one stupid...

americans big sons of bitches!!! (i'm not talking about the population, i'm talking about the politics, the government,the soldiers ,mr ass hole devils redneck son mr Jorge w bush(a.k.a: mr Monkey I.Q),and who agree with the war)..

the war is just because of money, and they kill inocent people, they rape, abuse, and do things like in this video... they kill children with they "think" that the kid a "terrorist"... ... i just wanted to know.. and if (when) that kind of brutality happen in your country?? what you will think about? would you enjoy?... bush deserves the same penalty applied to saddam!..war(money-oil) criminals!
just to make it clear: i like american people.... but i hate american politics..

Stupid American bastards...

Fucking arrogant cunts!

Who do these creeps think they are smashing cars on their way simply bulldozing anyboy and anything on their pat, almost running over children and still bitching about unaware pedestrians.

No wonder they friggin hate our guts over there.

I was thinking, WTF?! at first
i read the comments and it does make sense... wrong way around a round-a-bout lol

Um, some of you dont seem to understand what happens during a guerilla war. If any group of soldiers are stuck in one spot too long they become big targets for the guerilla fighters, I.E. our humvees, tanks and other military vehicles go boom, and I dont know about you but if there is a military vehicle getting shot at, I dont want to be anywhere near it. I can explain a dent in my bumper from a Humvee not wanting to stop to my insurance provider, But how do you explain you have shrapnel, bullet holes, and a dead family member in you car just because you didnt get out of the way when the Humvee honked his horn and gave you a gental bump of warning. I like to think the driver is saving citicens lives by forcing them off the road. Although I have to admit this would be fun if the risk of getting shot wasnt there.

Whats with all this WE stuff, THEY are over there doing all the work, while you sit on your fat asss watching video clips.

this guy's mother and father must have immigrated from china.

They are shot as they don't respect traffic signals ...

yeah, great job winning hearts and minds.

Yeah,if they stop they could posibly get killed by an RPG or an ambush...

one would think a humvee on your ass with the horn going nonstop would be enough to encourage people to get the hell out of the way. And yes, they stop and it's rpg time cut the guys some slack.

stupid losers.. hope that the driver catches a bulet


hey, they know the rules....we stop, we get shot at and possibly blown up. Screw 'em.

hey, they know the rules...we stop, we get blown up and shot at. f*** 'em.

And we wonder why they hate us so much..

where did this crazy guy won his driving license???