The Truth About Assault Weapons

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If you know someone that might be confused about the difference between modern assault rifles and semi auto lookalikes, show them this video.


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He say's "it's banned, it's prohibited and limited almost to VIRTUALLY to police and military use. A citizen cannot go into a store and puchase this."

He is wrong on that one. There are fully transferable Class III weapons. You have to go through alot of paper work with ATF and wait at least 3 months before you will actually get the gun. There is also a $200 tax stamp fee for each weapon purchased.

This from the ATF website:

ATF Form 4 (5320.4) must be
completed, in duplicate. The transferor
first completes the face of the
form. The transferee completes the
transferee's certification on the reverse
of the form and must have the
"Law Enforcement Certification" completed
by the chief law enforcement
The transferee is to place, on each
copy of the form, a 2-inch by 2-inch
photograph of the transferee taken
within the past year (proofs, group
photographs or photocopies are unacceptable).
The transferee's address
must be a street address, not a
post office box. If there is no street
address, specific directions to the
residence must be included.
If State or local law requires a permit
or license to purchase, possess,
or receive NFA firearms, a copy of the
transferee's permit or license must
accompany the application. A check
or money order for $200 ($5 for transfer
of "any other weapon") shall be
made payable to ATF by the transferor.
All signatures on both copies
must be in ink.
Fingerprints also must be submitted
on FBI Form FD-258, in duplicate.
Fingerprints must be taken by a person
qualified to do so, and must be
clear and classifiable. If wear or damage
to the fingertips do not allow clear
prints, and if the prints are taken by a
law enforcement official, a statement
on his or her official letterhead giving
the reason why good prints are unobtainable
should accompany the fingerprints.
Forward the completed application
and appropriate tax payment to the
Bureau of ATF, P.O. Box 73201, Chicago,
IL 60673.
Transfer of the NFA firearm may be
made only upon approval of the ATF
Form 4 by the NFA Branch. If the
application is approved, the original of
the form with the cancelled stamp
affixed showing approval will be returned
to the applicant. If the tax
application is denied, the tax will be
Upon approval of the ATF Form 4,
the transferor should transfer the firearm
as soon as possible, since the
firearm is now registered to the transferee.
[26 U.S.C. 5812, 27 CFR 479.84-86]

Well the semi auto non hunting rifle is also an AK-47. You can get full auto ones of those for military too, so he probably should've used a less confusing example.

Agreed with splode, Fuck you duchebag.
The USA is one of the few countries which still allows guns.
That is because the USA was forged by our forefathers in the face of a tryannical government bent on taking the power from the people, that power was the right and OBLIGATION to keep and bear arms.

If nothing else.. THAT is why I have pride in my country.

That is what freedom truley is to me, And in my humble opinion.. nothing is as important to me as having the ability to immediatly defend myself from impending doom.

I say, and quite frankly, Fuck all anti-gunners and any Sheeple that follow their erronious lead! I am proud to say that my generation is still armed! If for nothing else, for the mere FREEDOM to do so!


"So only police and military can own fully automatic assault rifles huh. I guess this "expert" has never heard of a Class III permit."

He said that fully auto weapons are "virtually" limited to LE and military, dumbass. I'm sure he's fully aware of Class III permits.

fuck the usa

And Fuck you douchebag


So only police and military can own fully automatic assault rifles huh. I guess this "expert" has never heard of a Class III permit.

I agree that the difference between the semi auto and full auto is exagerated. As a former paratrooper I've use many assault rifles and in general very rarely would use them on full auto as I prefered to aim my shots. I've even used these weapons in a real combat situation in an urban envroment and you can fire off rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger. I am only alive today as I was firing on semi auto and hit my target were as my adversaries were firing on full auto and missed me. One guy missed me from no more than 8 ft away!!

Q: "Why do Americans need such immediate and lethal force to "protect themselves"? What's wrong with phoning the police or keeping a baseball bat or a stun gun?"

A: Because the cops will show up, take a picture of your dead body, and file it away in public records.

to the poster that asked about why we need such "immediate and lethal force" , well the answer is simple. some times the threat is immediate and lethal . if some one pulls a knife or gun on myself or family I will do all that I can to end the threat up to and including killing said threat . one of the things I'm not going to do is ask them to take a time out while I call the police and hope they come before I'm dead , my wife is raped , my daughter kidnapped or groceries spilled . if you choose to live at the every whim of violent attackers so be it , you might just get lucky enough t have your future killer taken out by me before he gets to you.

Why do Americans need such immediate and lethal force to "protect themselves"? What's wrong with phoning the police or keeping a baseball bat or a stun gun?

you americans are really sick...

good luck

when presuming that only thugs will own smg or automatic pistols you wrong us citizens who need the force multiplier of full auto fire.

Having used Kalashnikov derivatives in the military, I'd have to say that he overexaggerates the difference between semi- and fully automatic assault weapons.

The "working" parts in the AK47 which he doesn't show look exactly alike to the semi-automatic rifle. The semi-automatic rifles all fire the bullet, reload the weapon and expend the cartridge with one pull of the trigger. They are specifically built to stop the next bullet from firing until the trigger is pulled again.

Semi-automatics are great for hunting but they are extremely lethal weapons. Don't kid yourself, one can empty a clip onto a target very quickly with a semi-automatic weapon.

Rifles are one thing but smgs and semi-automatic pistols are easily concealable and should be limited to law enforcement. They are too dangerous to be freely available to every thug out there.

Hehe..Reminds me of all the old-skool Net docs about..
Convert your Semi to a Full, all you gotta do is file off this little bit of metal(or get a stronger spring, or weaker spring, or..whatever) and it's done!

As if. And heck, even a revolver could be considered 'semi-auto'. It's not like you have to manually turn the revolving-thingie to get another round ready to go.

I've been "anti-gun" for many years, but as I get older and get to know people who own guns, they tend to be responsible, good this guy.
Very informative esp on idea that semi's are easy to convert to auto. Until this piece I bought that idea.
You won't catch me joining the NRA anytime soon, but I appreciate some reasoning amongst all the inflated rhetoric.


Holy crap, this could not have been done better. It's all facts.

Good job, guys.

This has to be the best "no-BS" video about guns I have ever seen.

Going out to my friends right now, and when you guys read this (it's me!), please forward it to at least one of your friends!!


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oh yessss

very well done

Very well presented. Thanks for cutting through the BS. Blitz