B-52 Bomber Drops a Deuce

26 sec

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The B-52 crash at Fairchild Air Force Base was a fatal air crash that occurred on June 24, 1994, killing the four crew members of a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52 Stratofortress during a training flight. In the crash, Bud Holland, who was the command pilot of the aircraft based at Fairchild Air Force Base, call sign Czar 52, flew the aircraft beyond its operational parameters and lost control. As a result, the aircraft stalled, hit the ground, and was destroyed.


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Wow! Some way to go into retirement. Too bad he brought some friends along for the ride.

Here's another video of a similar tip-stall

(It's only a model... shhh)

It looks like the crash that killed the entire crew about 10 years ago & they were not Japanese. No humor here

This is a B-52 that crashed in Spokane Washington.

There are more navy divers looking for pilots than pilots looking for divers.

this was an airshow at Fairchild AFB, the pilot was the Commander. He was known for hogging the 52s around and he finally did it, only he got his whole crew killed at the same time.

Additional words to the previous " I was there in person"...The B-52 Instructor Pilot was actually a good pilot but, just took too many chances that finally caught up with him. Capt. Rob Rau was the Kc-135 Pilot that day on the Tanker that was also in the pattern. Capt. Rau, if you read this.....NKAWTG...Nobody ! Laterz, Reid

I was there in person in June 94. Myself and Chris Sellers, Jeff Potter, and others from the 98th ARS, Fairchild AFB. Duane Reid KC-135 Boom Operator Instructor. The pilot of the KC-135 that day was my former pilot at Grissom AFB.