Idiot Accidentally Fires Gun

48 sec

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Ok this clip pretty much speaks for itself that, "uncle Billy" is a total moron! The stupidity this guy displays makes me shudder every time I watch it. First of all his gun safety practices are obviously non existent. Second, talking about a Derringer (usually small caliber like .22) that "if you shoot somebody with it, their face will blow off", is just plain ignorant. This guy wins the moron of the month award if you ask me. People like this chooch give responsible gun owners a bad name.


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Fucking Retard!!! and they are just as bad for laughing, NOT so funny with a hole in your throat! that prick shouldnt be allowed near guns.

IT JUST WENT OFF ! thats probably what he would say on his day in court. IDIOT. would be great if he would put it to his head and let it just go off.

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

I rest my case.

Only idots buy denigers.(case in point)

What a dumb ass. You can look in his eyes and see the back of his skull. They laugh, but when he ends up shooting someone accidentally, it won't be too funny.

Not only is he a moron, but that weapon is one of the most unsafe weapon ever designed. Have you seen one of them in person? There is NO trigger guard, the trigger is just out there, and if anything touches it, well... you can see what happens. Mix a moron and a moronic weapon and this is what you get.

When Brothers that mate with there sisters, combine there love of guns with there hate for books... Next on Date line.

Accidents do happen pretty easy, but this just plain stupidity, a loaded gun in the hands of a retard. One can never be too safe.

Uncle Billy's not used to them books with all of them fancy words in it boys and girls, now if it was one of them there picture books, like Playboy, or Hustler, I'd be feelin' more comfertible with my manhood and my gun !

Guns don't kill people, books kill people !

He's damn lucky to still have all of his teeth !

please get sterilized

Some one has a gun, i mean alcohol problem.

You might be a redneck if the last words you utter are "I didn't mean just went off!"

"Damn, that damn thing went off"
Unfricking believable

utter arse

What a tool...