Cheytac In Action

1 min 28 sec

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This rifle is just the tits, you wouldn't want this .408 nasty flying your way!


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Maybe I am seeing things but when he collapses the stock it looks like a round is chambered! I replayed this several times and that's what I see, anyone else?!?

Yes the rotation of the earth is a part of it when dealing beyond 1000 yards. It is all about accuracy!

I understand accounting for a potential multiple number of air currents as the bullet flies long distances to targets, but this line gets me:
"...corrects for rotation of the Earth..."
Oh boy.
...or are the projectiles THAT SLOW???!? :-D
(or should he have said "curvature of the Earth"...?)

The Long Range Rifle System also includes CheyTac tactical computer (commercial PDA with CheyTac ballistic software), Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X scope, and Kestrel 4000 wind/temperature/atmospheric pressure sensors, linked to the PDA. The Tactical Computer with sensors and internal ballistic database provides all necessary data for long range fire. CheyTac papers state that the entire System is capable to deliver sub-MOA accuracy at the ranges of up to 2500 yards (2270 meters).

CheyTac Associates also offers a less expensive, non-takedown single shot rifle in .408 caliber, the Intervention M310. This bolt action rifle with adjustable polymer stock is suitable for long range sport shooting, as well as for police long range snipers

The rifle sold to civilians is *exactly* the same one sold to the .mil crowd. The only thing not included in the civvy package is the military PDA and associated software.

Chey-Tac is all hype. They cannot back up their claims, and will only sell de-accurized versions of their rifles to civilians. Of course at 13k a weapon, I don't see too many civilian shooters lining up to buy.