Does Your Mortor Say Made In Taiwan?

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With the guys chanting "Allah is great" in the background, captain jerkstore's mortar cannon explodes. Maybe they should stop and think, hmmm maybe Allah doesn't have our backs after all.


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It just goes to show that God really is great, and that no matter what name you refer to God by, he realllyyyyy doesn't like people using Him as an excuse to kill, and can bring a little divine "equipment malfunction" down on ya when He's had enough.
Terrorist dude: "Allah lakba"
Allah: "Lakba this, asshole"
Jesus: "Even I'M gonna have trouble forgiving THAT dickweed."
Mohammed: "Whatta mess! Wouldn't a plague of locusts in his pants have made due instead?"
Moses: "Ah, guys, those chunks are gettin' stinky out here in the sun, can we go now before I lose my appetite?"
(later that day): Saint Peter (looking at a pile meaty chunks): "Damn, dude you musta really pissed The Big Guy off. And quit bleedin' on the Pearly Gates! Hey, wait a minute, I don't see your name on the guest list."
(St. Peter makes a quick phone call, mumbling "uh huh, I see.." into the phone)
"OK, Chunky, your escort is here"
In walks Hellboy with a big grin............

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

Too bad they didn't film mokba's chunky chunks all over the wall, nice and barbequed. Fuck him, his next shell could have hit our troops. Would it be so bad to make fun of him if his shells killed your brother/father/mother/sister/cousin, etc.?
JEEZ, are we so Politically Correct now that we can't make fun of our battlefield enemies? It's OK to shoot the enemy but not OK to say Mohammed sucks the root? If we were fighting Germany would it would be bad to call the enemy a Kraut before we shot him?
Give me a break & lighten the hell up.
Just for the record I'm no Bush fan either, as he invaded the wrong country, based on known-bogus info on WMDs, which were never found. As well as being dumb, and, despite being a Republican, he still helped pass anti-gun laws. All politicians are crooks, liars and douches, regardless of their wrapper.
If you wanna get all PC on someone who gives a shit write to Fox TV network and complain about the show Family Guy wherein Allah was referred to a s a "stinky brown God".
If you're that uptight go to some tightwad country with no rights at all and bask in the hippie kindness.
Now, how can we get one of those mortar shells up Osama bin Laden's chocolate starfish?

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

a tomar po culo morete con ojete y birrete

ala a tomar por culo

viva el mortero y la madre que lo parió!

OWNED, forocoches, la vieja, panikero, roto2...!!

Looked like the other guys got hit to, pay close attention to the cameraman. He sounds like he's making gurgling sounds and is going down. Now that is justice, burn in hell diaper heads.

That is what happens when you talk on the cell phone while you fill up your moartar.

i went into islamic chat rooms in paltalk and pasted this on text Allah akbar our mujahid brothers destroy Israeli tanks, and I pasted the link to the video it was so funny they were chanting allah akbar on text thinking its a video of them winning, i wonder how they felt when they seen the mortar explode lol and their muslims brother go back to heaven

Serves him right.. religion is the root of all evil. belief in it has killed so very many innocents.

I just with they'd have shown more, like the torn up body and his buddies all covered in blood and crying like little bitches.


you babies who think this ISNT cool are too liberal, like this country has WW2 it took 2 bombs for them to surrender....THESE BASTARDS WONT EVER SURRENDER, they need to be blown back into the stone age and have all their oil taken thank you. also bush is the toughest one around *sad* but what can we (real american patriots) do? ......mike tyson is one badass and he would not step into the ring with a 12 year old girl strapped with a bomb no matter what and you people think they can be negotiated with? obama osama lovers,,,,,and its too bad talking smack about our govt and pres. isnt considered treason. WHAT WOULD PATTON DO? im 25 and see my generation as soft come on future americans do your part and dont give in to this allah bs negotiate with osamabama mania. he is not kennedy and thats that. at least john boy suffered for his country, obama had to be taunted to see our boys over there WHAT MOTIVATION BARF!

they should all be blown the fuck up!!

From what I understand, this video was recovered by US forces after they used a new tracking system that traces were incoming fire is coming from. They then shoot at that spot, and Allah has a new soul and one less piece of shit is walking the earth. I love our high tech weapons systems, not bad for a bunch of infidels, who are losing the war in Iraq. If nothing else its a great testing ground for new things that go BANG! (Allot of terrorist were harmed in the making of this video.)

The sleeping beast will wake up

No soy islamista, soy ateo. Solo digo que la resistencia insurgente está en contra del terrorismo de al qaeda y defiende dignamente a la población de los invasores genocidas yanquees.

Más de 4000 yanquis muertos iban no? Eso si que es una alegría!!!!!

they are Muslims not Jews you stupid fuck, i am fucking amazed by how fucking stupid you are

you've been framed where my two fifty. why do you belive in god? why does anyone belive in god? fucking jews! if A.H was a live today he would say damn you pesky kids!


allah akbah!

what a jonas

I really dont care one way or another if this guy blew up at all it was kinda funny but this guy is a complete tool:
Nameless Sploder | Thu, 11/15/2007 - 17:42

Serves you right for following a monotheistic religion, fagtard!

what do you think christianity is you dumbfuck or most of the religions in the US unless you're a hindu chances are your involved in a monotheistic religion

they hate us because we are of a different culture and religeon...the only difference is that we have the money to go over there and do something about it when they get uppity.
you stipid socialits.

one less enemy of my country.
funny to watch children argue over military equipment they've never handled. even funnier to watch someone defend this savage. tunes wouldchange if he was in your neighborhood.

Hey, aren't you sick ? I've never imagined that people could hate other people just because they're of a different religion, culture etc... Be human and respect other people's belief. A war is a war and there's many cusualties, I guess it's a simple answer to stupid decision makers in the east or in the west. So grow up kids and put yourselves in other peoples' shoes. Then I guess you'll understand. Cheri

is this suicide bombing practice?

con los tios mencionando "ala es grande", el cañon le explota en la cara. tal vez deberian parar y pensar: ahh, tal vez ala no nos cubre la espalda despues de todo.

Maybe I am not as smart as you, but exactly why does this annoy all "the humans"?

Preciosaaaa explosiooon en toda la caraaa
jajajajajjajaja a mamarlas ijo putaaaaa (ala agbaa)

¡Jodidamente divertido! ¡BRAVOOOOOOO!