Combustion Driven Chain Reaction

5 min 34 sec

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Basically a Rube Goldberg device but run by fire and things burning. Whats not to like?


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Awesome job!
This vid was cool.
Coulda maybe used more rocket propelled stuff, or some Semtex at the end, but nonetheless job well done!
If I have time I'll track some music to it.
Very amusing, and I'll surely spam my pals with the link.
To all the flaming douchebags whining that it has a couple of cuts: Try and make one yourself you ignorant dill bags! It wasn't a Rube G. contest,** HAVING FUN WITH FIRE,** and it WAS fun, and certainly took a LOT of time and effort. They probably had to cut it because they did the thing over and over and over dozens of times and the weekend was ending soon.
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It IS very well planned, yet its boring as hell... More explosions!

Gosh,how they calibrate all that stuff?

super awesome fun time. anyone who bitches about cuts or calls fake need to be an integral part of your next device.

who cares if it was one shot! just the planning that must have gone into this is astounding! tbh im not surprised it wasnt done in one take...but all the individual connections are amazing!

How cool is this :> Why did I never do this when I had a big garage??

Fake, the camera cuts, twice


clever and all but it's not one full go. camera cuts twice. that's a bit disappointing.

A pyromaniacs dream........LOL Great stuff......!! ;)

That was Cool, I would like to see some more.

a comment

very clever, but why no big ending?

Still well done this must have taken an age to set up and think out.

Much beter than the honder advert

The ending was kinda lame, but the rest was definitely entertaining.

super crazy awesome

ok for those of you who have a problem with the close ups let me just say it takes a while for fire to burn so this is just their way of shortening up the film so it's not 2 hrs long

Who gives a crap if it's fake. It's entertaining. Isn't that the reason why anyone would watch this video? In hopes of being entertained? Well, it entertained me. I don't see anywhere on this page that says the people that posted it actually did this or not, or that it was a continuous shot. I'm sure plenty of you have seen videos that have different shots mixed into it and enjoyed them. My point is, this is put here for entertainment's sake, and you people nitpicking about it need to grow the hell up.

pretty cool, pretty cool, who cares if it might be cut in parts, its entertaining nonetheless

Its pretty good except for one thing... YOU CHEATED, notice when it zooms into the fire at 3:03 to 3:06 it changes. Wow, you guys suck, don't even post this shit unless you can really do it without trying to trick people...assholes

Stupid Ignorant? Whoaaaa easy on the put downs, tiger!

nice :))

that's art you stupid ignorant.

Very interesting!

Yeah, some parts look like they were cut together but it's the internet, what isn't.

It is from this film:

made by Germans Fischli and Weiss

Tether ball of fire!!! whats not to love? :). great vid

Sry, but it doesn't look very authentic. After Closeups and flashes (and other rather illogic things) the scenery changes quite a bit so I don't really believe that it all was made in one shot.