More Gun Laws=More Gun Crimes

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This a news report about the effects of gun laws on actual gun crime rates. Taking the guns out of the hands of the people who seek them legally, opens the door for criminals with guns to do what they want unopposed.


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Talk about atating the OBVIOUS! Only a brain-dead liberal would believe that a criminal would obey gun laws, or that an unarmed society is safer than an ARMED society.

ehat they don't tell you is the fact that most gun crime, happens in the gedos, you know, gang wars

I think we should just kill the people that kill other people, then in a few years, we won't have to worry about it and I can just use my gun to kill for food.

To me gun control is knowing how many bullets are in your gun and who or what your shooting at. If the good guys lose there right to carry a gun It will be only the bad guy's with gun's. Go figure!!!

nice this is weary nice an i agree with him.

I'm an american citizen, I too have managed to live this far, I too dont walk the streets seeing people getting shot at, in fact Ive never seen a criminal with a gun, But if I do I'll be ready and you'll be dead. BTW a man with a gun is a citizen, a man without is a subject. Good luck over there, I hope you dont get stabbed

America is hardly the freest country in the world, I'd say Norway really. Also, guns have nothing at all to do with defending people. I'm a British citizen, and I've managed to live this far and I don't walk the streets seeing people get shot at. In fact I've never seen a criminal with a gun at all.

Hehe... The freest country in the world... That's just BS propaganda... Check your facts - please...

America is the most violent country in the world, because America is the freest country in the world. It has nothing to do with guns. Not even close, there are many countries that are much more violent then we are, and gun control will just make it worse, and I am in one of the 10 states you can't carry a gun.

If guns kill people, then spoons make people fat...

If you don’t want crime......Move to a country with no freedom and great gun control. You want freedom?
want to protect freedom? Arm, Educate and Train yourself!

If and when, a government or any other entity, takes away my ability to defend myself, then they automatically take on that responsibility themselves. Not only for myself, but my family or whomever I am with at the time.

To maintain the prepostrous theory that guns cause crime is analogous to the belief that matches cause arson. The hypocritical wack-o leftists in this country, don't you love them?!?! !

I don't want or need anyone to tell me how, when, and IF I can defend myself, my familty, my friends, my property, and my country.

America is the most violent country in the world, because America is the freest country in the world. It has nothing to do with guns.

So many simpletons that think that gun control reduces crime are going to hate this bite of reality.

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