Dirt Clod!

46 sec

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They probably should have checked the wind direction before assigning an assembly area. At least the few cops in the front had the right idea.


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Screw it, nobody was in any danger, and what were they gonna do, arrest the cloud? I say smart police

Ahh, protect and serve.

idiots. cops were the only smart ones.

Lovely! Notice how the police officers RUN into the patrol car, instead of trying to get the people watching to safety. Or even warning them.

A dirt... CLOD?

Wow.. spellcheck your shit, dude.

read the first comment...

Hahaha, "My eyes are burning!" That made the whole video.

wind direction wouldnt have changed much.... dropping a building like that is gonna displace a serious amount of air. the idiots who let the public assemble that close should be beaten. i guess the general public dont get to play with large amounts of explosives though and wouldnt know the joys of dodging the dust cloud.

Oh yea let us 3 Cops use our super powered hmmmm hats yea hats and cover the 2000 people behind us!

Oh wait maybe we should quickly take cover and be prepared to offer 1st aid, emergency transport or aid to anyone that might get hurt.

NAh lets do the stupid thing and try covering them with our hats.........

This is New Haven Connecticut. I used to go to concerts at this plave all the time, the old New Haven Colessium. The cops in New Haven have a well earned reputation for brutality. Now you can add cowardice. Seriously, shouldn't public servants have turned toward the crowd and done SOMETHING to act like they were the least bit concerned for public safety?

dirt clod or dirt cloud? :)

They get in the back seat, which if i'm correct, you can't open from the inside.


AHHH!!! MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!!!!! hahaha


i think its great how fast the police scurry for their car doors, seemingly oblivious to the crowd beyond them

Oohhhh...."Dirt CLOUD"....I get it

Its suppose to be clod, Its a term from Scorched Earth.