30 Days - Gun Nation Episode

43 min 35 sec

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It's a bit long but worth the watch!
After Pia learned that her friend had been killed by a schizophrenic man wielding a gun in 1996, she became a gun control advocate who has fought to pass stricter gun laws in the U.S. Pia believes that the world would be free from gun violence only by prohibiting the sale of guns to anyone outside of law enforcement and armed services.

For 30 Days, Pia will live in the heart of gun culture in the rural town of Leesburg, Ohio with gun enthusiast Ken Ekermeyer, 39, and his 15-year-old son Zach. Ken is an avid gun collector and rarely leaves home without his gun strapped to his side. Ken believes carrying a gun is his right guaranteed to every American by the Second Amendment. As Pia struggles to understand the Ekermeyer's beliefs and somewhat isolated way of life, she will work at a local gun store and experience what it is like to carry a gun in public, learn to handle and fire weapons and will introduce Ken to other gun control activists who have lost loved ones to gun violence.


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I love how they choose this Father and Son team that mtch the exact stereotype that Pia joked about before she left.
Only a small percentage of Gun owners live the "redneck" lifestyle. The majority of us are smart hard working individuals that just want to excercise our right to protect ourselves.

I think it's BS. I think she's a paid actress.

I don't doubt Pia's sincerity, but unfortunately she's falls into the category of "useful idiot".

reasons that sound good are NOT good sound reason!
Pia has seen the light, guns are good criminals are BAD,
TM, Australia

"Have a plan to kill every "Liberal" you know. It may very well come to that."

You realize that saying retarded shit like that is what invites gun-control crazies in the first place, right?


They started this idiot with a shotgun?

She most likely does not "get it" because she grew up and around the typical eastern elitist anti-gun anti-fly-over "we know best for you" culture. It is the thought that authority always knows best. Typical authoritarian mindset, fact is that "trained police" have more accidents and are responsible for more mistaken wounds and killings than armed citizens per 1000.

The ex-marine with the badass tats is proof that you can't judge a book by its cover.

He's clear, intelligent, moderate, and quite open-minded and accepting.

The people on the other side of the fence tend to argue from emotions, and seem very close-minded and zealous.

Pia wasn't actualy that bad as far as antis go.
But that one cunt from the gun-control group made me want to break that picnic tabel on her face and smash babies with a shovel.


I agree with that she is a lame bitch. But the lamest bitch is the producer that chose the gun culture "family". It was a blatant attempt to paint the gun community as ignorant losers. There are also many of us college educated professionals with intact families that have full gunsafes in the home and carry daily. Why didn't they choose a family like mine? My daughter is 5 and I got her a pink Cricket .22 rifle and taught her to shoot. We have advanced degrees, own a few houses, cars, boats, attend church regularly... but that wouldn't have put the spin on it the media wanted to.

Ugh, she has no idea what she's talking about. "A 50 Caliber.. machine gun... I think?"

She is such a lame bitch! ... and i have never shot a gun in my life!

Don't allow urls huh? How arrogant. Sorry I didn't notice before. For my quotes page referenced below go here: willowtowndotcom

Then scroll right to 'favorite quotes.'

and rent and watch the movie "Michael Collins" for an idea on what our future holds.

The Founders didn't 'grant' us anything any more than the arrogant bastards in our modern governments 'grant' us anything. They acknowledged a natural born right.

I couldn't do what the gun owner did. When they came back for the brain dead wench I'd just have to say, "Uh, what woman?"

The stupid wench and her kin are so arrogant in their ignorance. They don't deserve to live in this country.

We've spent the last 15 years educating these idiots and they still want to force their evil down our throats. We need to ignore and repeal every 'gun law,' all 20,000 plus of them. They are all evil and all lead to one thing: confiscation:

We must begin to treat "Liberal"ism as the evil terminal cancer it is or we have no future.

Keep your ‘weapons,’ your ‘killing machines’ handy for in the near future we may no choice but to use them.

Have a plan to kill every "Liberal" you know. It may very well come to that.

Don't understand? Start here:

im writing a paper on gun control and i believe we, average citizens should have that right to own, its just the complication of restricting it from criminals. The only reason why guns are to seem evil or inhuman is because there are evil and inhuman people shooting that gun...but in cities and large population states like new york and california believe that guns are the sole purpose to kill.As seen in this show,Ohio is such a free place and not many people live next to eachother, so the reason for guns are to have for sports and to provide secure self- defense. In Los Angeles the only reason for a gun is for self defense. so i believe that restrictions on guns shouldnt be and that people willl carry guns, either responsible gun owners or the ones who are mentally ill .the only way to make sure guns are used properly are to be aware of yourself and how you interpret using a gun because your the shooter in the end.

That woman is ignorant.

Let's face it, gun crime is much higher in England that has very strict laws on guns. In fact, not even Scotland Yard will carry a gun unless on a mission with Interpol. The fact is, the UK has comparable violence to the US and we are allowed to carry. Now I think every citizen should carry, so that way if attacked by an armed assailant, it is on equal terms.

she is sexy for being 39

She argues that the only people who need guns are cops and soldiers, as those people are supposed to protect us.
I trust neither.

Anyone can make a gun. So banning them, like banning pot, will never work. People will just find another way.

I am a proud lib who also feels carrying a gun IS my right.
And yes, I know how to use it.

Its not for weak-minded people. The amount of harm guns cause in the USA is terrible.

BUT we need them. Aside from personal protection, It is our sworn DUTY to defend ourselves from our own government, should the need arise.

If only we could get real, and elect our leaders, and license our gun owners, according to their I.Q.

We British have very strict gun laws but our gun crime is still there. I wish I had an answer, but at least Americans can defend themselves, I have a golf club as my defense but I could still be put in prison if I was to defend my family with it.

On the flip side from my post below, I am not keen about people carrying on their hip in full view. It is legal in my state but I think it causes undue skepticism from the people that dont know about the carry and conceal laws.
I also think the pro gun people in the video are to an extreme of gun owners (but not the biggest extreme). The man and his son were responsible gun owners and I like the son got exposure to other things to do.

"we ought to look out for each other"- what one anti gun person said on here....
The more law abiding citizens carrying responsibly would give better odds of detering or preventing the criminals shooting people.
The police have become a reactionary force after the fact, at least in my state.
I was in a high crime area. Had two murders right under my apartment balcony in a year. One was a drug deal shootout and the other a stabbing.
The main anti-gun woman keeps talking about the murder rate in her nieghborhood. What happens when they cone to her door? Is she going to curl up in the fetal position? Is she going to expect the police to prevent it? If she had a gun and with proper training, she would have some chance.
Also, just like I did, if its a violent neighborhood... MOVE out of it!!

This is a great show, there are tons of good episodes like the one where he lives on minimum wage. Real eye-opening.

excellent,but they should have talked about punishing the criminals who are the problem, and her friend who was killed by a nut with a gun, how to prevent that type of individual from getting hands on an illegal gun. She probably still thinks guns are the problem, but they aren't, they are just an extensions of mans intelliegnce, just like a knife or car. oh she did exagerate the amount of people killed by guns, legal guns. In fact, there are more deaths commited by bumbling doctors in surgery !

Can't stand stupid shitheads that get can't get real, and figure it out guns, aren't only for killing bad people. They are for killing other stupid shit heads..

I loved this show because it brought together two opposing positions and instead of insisting on who was right and who was wrong they just shared who they were over the course of time and the result was a lessening the original polarized positions. Pia now understands first hand why some folks value their guns and Ken and Zach were sympathetic to Pia's feelings about guns and understood her cause. They were able to agree that finding a way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally unstable people was important but it was also important not to do so at the expense of responsible gun owners. All the gun owners I know want the same thing as anti-gun activists - less crime and violence with guns. But until the majority of the antis do what Pia did (lived it firsthand) the polarization and debating about who is right and who is wrong will continue. Pia has come full circle in realizing that there are decent folks who have valid reasons for owning and using guns. This is the common ground that gun rights activists and gun control activists need to work from to reduce gun violence. KUDOS to Pia, Ken, Zach and the producers of this show!!!

I finally saw the whole video and it is pretty good. I think that the gun guy didn't put up a very good arguement for his cause, the criminals LOVE unarmed localities. His good point about the gun not doing anything on it's own. A weapon needs someone to pick it up and operate it for good or evil to happen.

heres what has happened in the UK as well.
They show that people are five times more likely to be killed by a knife than being shot with a gun or hit with a blunt instrument.

Overall fatal stabbings accounted for a third of all murders in 2006/7 - 258 stabbings out of 734 murders - an increase of over 30 per cent since 1996/7.

The figures showed big increases in the numbers of men and women stabbed, with male victims jumping from 139 to 185 and female victims up from 58 to 73 over the three year period.