M60 Machine Gun One Tough Cookie

2 min 46 sec

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This modified M60 fires 850 rounds with one trigger pull. Thats one way to work out a kink in your back or jog some fillings loose.


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Well the proved their point but also warped the barrel.

tell me again why were using the m240?

*sniff*I love this country.

Used one in Nam for 2 years Barrel was melting down. The only weapon ever issued with a asbestes glove to change the barrel. Glad it has been improved. I just had too baby mine no auto for more than 90 secs or barrel melted down

would rather have the light machine gun all light machine guns are judged by. the MG-42. 1500 rounds a minute. and after WWII they made a 308 varient. why didn't we adopt it it was made in germany not USA thats why.One of the most accurate devasting light machine guns ever made and we wouldn't us it becauseit wasn't made in USA. We made the m-60 which took 40 + years to perfect and end all its problems
a good waste of tax payer money. but glad to see they finally got it to work right.

Groovy. It only took 40 years to make the M60 a decent weapon. I'll take the M240B Thanks.

Posted: "we cant sure cancer but sure can build agreat gun"
Fixed:"We can't cure cancer but sure can build a great gun."
We cure cancer every day but nice try dingleberry.

we cant sure cancer but sure can build agreat gun

the barrel may have survived but some component inside that receiver is definitely slag.

Wow that barrel must have some intense cooling on it

didn't M60's used to be a bitch for jamming and cookoffs?

Ow, it looked like one of those 50's "jiggle your fat away" machines. Looks like a lot of fun, actually.