Watch Out Poochie

12 sec

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This is some good shooting, they didn't even hit the dog. Looks like it's from pretty far away too judging by how long it takes the rounds to find their target.


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if you think this is high tech murder perhappes you think what the frackin terrorist do eh smuck? perhapes youd rather see them fu*kers highjack plane and kill hundereds of people? you know something you just need to shut the fu*k up. *to all you USA army,navy,marines,airforce members ya'll keep up the great work there are a lot of us who suport you guys*

Its ARMY and its 30MM not 25MM. You're not an idiot, you just fucking stupid.

Apache's use 25mm chain guns with HEDP ammo,
this isn't combat, it's high tech murder

every site where there is a comment, there is always some racist who's too chicken shit to even go to war,

African American Veteran


niggers got owned

That's the Army, not the Corps...

Eat Led Noob!


that's from a b52 bomber right ? what kind of calibers are they using? 30 mm ?

This is the 30mm cannon from an Apache

Too bad they didn't take the time to show the dog returning to have a hearty dinner.

Can we use this in LA?

ohhhh they are toast!!

why cant i watch ,just installed vista and it dont work

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