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Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

The age for the draft is eighteen years old. Young men who are not old enough to drink are nonetheless privileged to fight and die for their country under arms on foreign soil.

Florida House Passes Bill Allowing Guns in Workplace

By Josh Hafenbrack
Without debate, the Florida House gave the powerful gun lobby a major victory today by passing a bill to allow employees to take their guns to work - as long as the employee has a concealed weapons permit and the weapon is left in the car.

The Supreme Court's Take on the Second Amendment

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court appeared ready Tuesday to endorse the view that the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to own guns, but was less clear about whether to retain the District of Columbia's ban on handguns.

Gun Free Zone

Gun Free Zone

A funny spoof on gun free zones. Just put up a sign and your worries just melt away. These zones ...

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Sign the Petition: Save The Second!

Sign the Petition: Save The Second!

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Bush Signs Gun-Control Legislation

Way to push this one through when no one was looking. It passed with a lot of the Senate chairs empty due to the holidays.
I hope they have their shit good and together when they deem someone "mentally ill" and not just say it's because they were in combat.

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Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Archie's idea to stop airline hijacking, pass out pistols to all the passengers before as they get ...

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More Gun Laws=More Gun Crimes

More Gun Laws=More Gun Crimes

This a news report about the effects of gun laws on actual gun crime rates. Taking the guns out of ...

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