Never Forget

Please take a moment today to remember those we lost 7 years ago today on that dark day for our country. We will never forget those brave souls who lost their lives on that day, nor those who have given theirs since then in the name of freedom and justice.

We at SplodeTV bow our heads in silence and remember...

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The terrorist scum not only destroyed thousands of lives, but the ensuing legislation pretty much killed the explosives hobbyist as well. Why is this important? In a 1992 article in the NYTimes it was noted that a large percentage of professional chemists got their start by playing with things that go boom, so this horrific act will have repercussions on our country for generations.

And never forget how mad you were that day. I know I haven't...

Amen to that

Lets also remember those brave souls, who gave there lives, comming from any country in the world, in the name of freedom and justice . Serving all over the world. Serving not only there country but also the UN peace corps.