Punt Gun (Gigundus Shottie)

44 sec

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If he were a real man we would attempt shooting this thing himself...Fairy


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Punt guns generally are either 1 or 2 bore, which really is rather large, and are ALWAYS strapped down to something for firing, generally TO A PUNT (the clue is in the name) so you can take one out onto the lake in the grounds of the main house, and turn a flock of ducks into floating canapes with one shot, ready for the grand ball that evening, rather than having some of the staff waste hours shooting them individually. Do you Americans not have ANY culture or appreciation of history at all? ;)

I can see it now - Einstein, Newton, Curie, Pasteur, and Tom Knapp.

I don't think the title writer understands who this is.
His name is Tom Knapp http://www.tomknapp.net and I challenge anybody to call him a fairy after seeing what he can do with a shotgun or a .22 rifle. In 2004 he broke a world record by shooting 10 hand thrown clays in two seconds. I've seen him shoot holes in thrown dimes and strike Aspirin tablets on a windy day (WITH A .22 rifle).

Tom Knapp doesn't match the billet of a fairy.

I know exactly who he is and calling him a fairy was a joke, no one could shoot that thing.