Remote Control Airlines

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Please place your head between your legs and kiss your sweet ass goodbye! This was an attempt at flying an airliner by remote control, needless to say the system still needs some work.


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This is not a remote control plane - this is an Airbus at the Habscheim Air show a few years back, several people killed.

Fly by wire has a time lag??? I think not! It may take a few moments for the engines to spool up but there isn't a time lag built in.7R!

Just recently.. I think a year or so ago the Pilot was found not to be at fault. There was a bit of a conspiracy in the investigation of the accident. Such as the black box disapeared and was given to Airbus right after the accident instead of the investigating authorities.


wrong, it was the first public outing of an airbus A320 at a french air show and the pilots forgot that fly by wire has a timelag when it comes to opening the throttles so it flew into the ground

Glad they defended the computer. We're all screwed!


no....thats not what happened...A-321 have a TO/GA system...the configuration of the AC was set to LAND but the computer interpreted the inputs if the pilot into a GA mode. the plane wanted to land but the pilot wanted a low slow pass.

Now...go find out what a TO/GA is...

That was the A320 right before it came onto the market. IIRC, it was actually returning from, or making a flight during an airshow in Europe. I remember seeing it on the news back in the [80's]?

Correct, this was a result of the electronic controls of the airplane not obeying pilot commands. The pilot was in the pilot seat.

I agree, and have also footage with spoken comment of the real deal. No remote controle what so ever.

I think this is actually a real Airbus test flight where the pilot was fighting the flight computer for control of the aircraft. He went to max power to abort the launch, but the attitude of the plane wasn't right so the computer kept the engines throttled down. I seem to recall the verdict was pilot error.