RPG Missfire

52 sec

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A tourist fires a RPG that they bought from a scratch and dent sale.


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nobody cares about england, get over it.

Better than being a fucking American else he would have fragged his mates like the good ol US army do over and over again.

"Gotta try and follow the fuckin' bullet...huh, huh"

Stinkin foul mouthed Brits.


lucky it wasnt real or after 4 secs it wouldve gone BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM

You guys realize an rpg as an arming distance and cant explode until it's so far away right?

anyone that stupid deserves to get killed.

I have head in some of those screwed up countries they will let you blow up a cow if you pay them enough.

Wonder how much he had to pay to shoot a fake RPG? LOL

Report it to who? The communist gov of whatever 3rd world country they're in?

Jeez! and I thought my brother in law was stupid!

I really hope they report that someone might get killed because of that :/