Great Gun Store Ad

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This is the ad I'd want for my gun store. Who needs an alarm when you have a drum-fed AK47.


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Plus, in most states you can't shoot 'till he's actually in the house.
If you're upstairs shooting downward you'll only over-penetrate to the basement---plan your home defense scenarios accordingly.
And because bad guys don't always follow yournice scenarios, keep that stainless revolver full of hydra-shocks or Mag-safes in the bathroom with you when showering--the rapist knows you're in the shower because the window with the funny glass gets foggy.
Also, no home-defense scenario is complete without a decent-size dog. Fido will warn you when any sound does not belong, giving you time to lock and load.
Even if you do have a class-3 weapons license, do you really want to face a jury having used one ? Remember, the Miranda warning goes "anything you say ....WILL be used against you," Ditto for the gun you used to shoot the poor underprivileged crackhead.
You wanna smoke the bad guy with a plain old shotgun that looks like the one everyone's grandpa has, otherwise that "military assault weapon, like those banned in many states" WILL be used to make YOU look like the criminal, NOT the violent felon with the hard-on and the stolen .45.
One last thing: fire a magazine of rifle ammo in the house w/no earplugs and you'll probably go deaf. It's better than dead, though.

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stfu its a commercial

I like how this little fantasy has the perp armed with a knife. In real life, he'd have a pistol and he'd just kick the door down or more likely, it would't be locked at all. He sure wouldn't warn her in advance. Plus he'd likely have a few pals if it were a home invasion. On top of all that, it is incredibly irresponsible to depict someone unloading an AK47 in self defense in a suburban neigborhood. 7.62x39 FMJ will pass through an awful lot before it stops. Give her a pistol or a shotgun and have her blast a date rapist. THAT's realistic.

i want a rock

every home needs one mike