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The shoulder mounted assault weapon, or SMAW is a nasty little bastard. It can fire a few different rounds that are made for different targets. This clip displays what it does to structures.


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Cool stuff, coulda used more slo-mo footage though .
Also why do they have to have an ANNOYING narrator who sounds just like the jackrag from Extreme Makeover Home Edition??

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

He sounds like he's jacking off while narrating the show. And yes, it is an interesting show.
Notice the square smoke ring from the window?

That, my friends was a ring of fire :)
ta na na dadada da da da.... and it burns burns burns....

this host is a jingoistic, melodramatic jackass, but his show is informative.

The smoke ring was cool. As was the normal gun that was also mounted on the SMAW