Tactical "Fast Reload" Vest

15 sec

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Man this guy wouldn't have to reload so much if he put more than two rounds in his mags. Haha now thats funny, I don't care who you are. We don't have too much info on this product but it sure looks like it works.


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BS !
He wasn't really reloading.
He was cheating.
When a mag is empty, the bolt locks to the rear. The Mags he was taking out still had rounds in them, so the bolt never had to lock to the rear and he never had to hit the bolt release.

nice hair cut...turd! can't let your army days go..huh?
let me guess..."chicks love it".

"We don't have too much info on this product "

Last time I checked I think it was called VELCRO. Wouldn't be too hard to rig something like this up. Get a bunch of mags put velcro on them (where it won't interfere with the magwell) then sew velcro panels onto a load bearing vest. DONE.

wow he was just demonstrating the abilities of that load bearing vest fuckwit

2 bullets with 50 armed offenders comming at ya with fully automatic rifles, and all you can fire is two shots at a time?? some thing aint right...