The ABV is Back

3 min 9 sec

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Here's some more footage of the Marines Assault Breacher Vehicle. This is one bad ass beast!


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What's that stringy thing it shoots? A gigantic rope of det cord? Coool!
A much safer way to clear minefields than a guy with a metal detector (like the plastic army men had, based on WW2 stuff)
It also did a job on Rommel's asparagus!
I'd love to see the look on Osama's face when three of those and a half dozen Abrams tanks come rolling up to his front door..... Followed by a dozen Bradleys full of troops and a few Warthogs and Apaches for kickers.

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

It doesn't need big armament. It's used to breach obstacles, so it would have Main Battle Tanks and infantry providing overwatch as it lays out the mine clearing line charge or plows the obstacles


It shows the operation of the M-2 by remote camera around the end of the video, so the operator is not endangered; and it couldn't mount a tank cannon, because it doesn't have the horsepower or storage space left without making it the size of an ark. The "real use" for this is clearing minefields, like those that Saddam blanketed Iraq with in the Gulf War; that's what that rocket trailing an explosive wire is doing.

Looks like just a M1A1 tank with a wicked blade on it. One real use for this would be for IED's, but then aren't those set off remotely via cell phone and such? So it would just merely push the unexploded IED aside? I personally think it could have more to it than just a blade. For one, it looks like it should be used on the front lines, therefor it needs some form of offense rather than a simple human operated machine gun.

25 mpg (meter per gallon)

wonder how many MPG that thing gets???