Insurgent Attack Goes Bust

6 min 58 sec

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These insurgents film their attack plan, film their attack, and their very short lived retreat. Then our MARINES pry the camera from their cold dead hands and send us their video, so that we can all enjoy the insurgents brilliant strategery...


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Thank you great soldiers, these people who are dead in the video were going to kill many innocent people with car bombs and you tube beheading, i cant thank you enough and express how each dead terrorist means so many innocent ppl saved. God bless America, and I'm Iraqi by the way

This is a crappy recopy of the origional video, you can see the youtube version does not have sound but does show a far better none corrupted image. I play this one for the sound and the youtube version for the vid.

@ 08/03/2008
Apparently you don't understand the situation or how islam works. It's a horrible religion that believes that people must die, because it is a religion of peace.

mmmm slaughtered human beings ,,,yummmmmmy. You people are some sick basterds.They show videos of US marines dead being dragged through streets and we show the same type do shit whats the difference .If we were invaded by a country you dont think we would be sniping mofo's and bombing crap? insurgents who made up that word,,all i hear about is insurgents ,arent they really just normal people defending their homeland and families?I can tell you right now if we get invaded ever ill be an "insurgent" too


To the genius who thinks China is the big threat to the USA, go ask North Korea who told them to pack their shit up and knock it off, cuz they were threatening the American dollar supporting 200 billion Chinese...and the 200 billion American dollars going into the bank accounts of their leaders...

Touche to the gent who posted that the US is
ringing China and Iran. Also, upon closer scrutiny
of geography, one can see that the US is also
ringing Russia. This startegy is SOOOOOOOOOOO
obvious--the encirclement of the troublemakers
ensuring any militarism involves risk to the homeland.
The neo-con strategy Mr Bush sr envisioned.

Prepair for "interesting times".

As a non-violent American Christian who is so sick of the liberal faggots in Washington I'm here to say: This is the way it ought to be. Thank God for our soldiers.

Man this is a great start to the weekend!!

If you check your geography mate, the US is ringing Iran and China. Russia has more to worry about from China than the US. Where do you think China's water, natural resources and land is going to come from next? The Russian fareast and Siberia. Those treaties under the Czar Nicholas II are null and void as far as China is concerned.

Putin needs to worry about his backyard. What looks like chaos isn't. The word is this: Don't fuck with us.

Love the blue head protector. Paint can ?

Fucking video sux! Cant these fukin rag heads spend a few bucks on a good camera before they die? SHIT!


nameless sploder you are correct

amen to that!

Nice Job

i wonder if an insecure wannabe edited this vid...

hey nameless get a real set and do your research.

Talk about getting owned, those Hadji's didn't stand a chance in hell. Great job, guys!!!!

A United States military adventure in Iraq, Killing people of a nation that has been no threat to it and ignores the real threat China. The U.S. administration has no apparent program to combat China's challenge to American dominance.All led astray by Mr. Fuck you very much Bush.Go and fight the real Enemy your Government an evil world dominating Colossal Self Righteous Prick of a Money Loving Whore.