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Words really don't explain how hot this is. If there isn't a least one picture in here that doesn't do it for ya, then you might be batting for the other team. A great slideshow of hot, near naked ladies, with GUNS!


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Where were these guns the title was talking about?


Warning! Queers should not veiw these pictures, it might make them normal. Or fuck their mind up, more than they already are.

Guns ?? Guns?? I missed them where were they

ass hole

To the one that called me queer...the idiocy of this video doesn't depend on my sexual orientation,believe me!

You can tell who's "real" and who's a model by the position of the trigger finger ;-)

To the guy laughing his ass off. If you weren't queer you might like it.

2:27 - She's brandishing an armed maxi pad

Um... I think that chick at 2:27 is sporting maxi pad.

hahhaaahhhaaaahahaha! What a retarded video! I'm laughing my ass off!