Taliban Special Forces

54 sec

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This guys tactical training is of the highest caliber. Obviously he has been trained well in offensive and defensive "desert prancing". You can tell by his "sprinkler" move at 0:25, that he really knows what he is doing. Hopefully our troops will never cross paths with this formidable threat. He's more like the Taliban Special Olympic Forces...


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Love this motherfucker!

Sign up a bunch of 'em!

Sign up a bunch of 'em!

How that shits funny!

Best shit I’ve ever seen

Maybe he was just starting middle-east IDPA.

someone get the SEALS, this guy is one badass mother fucker.

Absolutely hilarious !!!!!!!! The music is brilliant.

HE looked wore-out by the end.

simply amazing, i havenent seen anything like that since the the close combat training at wall-mart.